Establishing Sole Trader-ship.

Good afternoon to you! Today I have received the news that the funding I applied for has been accepted! That’s right! I am well on the way to being able to create a proper bound book of many of my current poetic and lyrical works. So the question now is: when I come to self publishing my work – which pieces do I choose? Well, that’s why I’m here today. To ask of you: if you were to own a bound version of my works, which ones would you want in your collection? On this blog there are currently many … Continue reading Establishing Sole Trader-ship.

The First Steps.

In England it is currently quarter to midnight (or at least when I wrote this it was!), and I’m drinking tea and watching The Inbetweeners Movie because its on TV, and I’m a cool kid. But the real reason I’m still awake is because events appear to be moving faster than anticipated with the amount of creative opportunity coming my way at the moment. This month, an Isle of Wight made music magazine entitled ‘Fret Buzz’ was remodelled and released with all the music related info you could possibly want – both about artists doing brilliant things on the Isle … Continue reading The First Steps.

Creative Ambition!

Dear friends, my plan is underway! The application form for the funding opportunity I previously mentioned here has been completed and sent! So hopefully, cross everything you can, I shall be granted funding to make a lyrical anthology of my work and begin being able to share a proper product with you all! I’m very excited about this if you couldn’t tell. When budgeting for this project, I have catered for the creation of a website of my own that will effectively become my blog, that any information about new writing or projects will be posted on, and best of … Continue reading Creative Ambition!


Hello one and all! Most of you likely began following this blog to read my poetry, as that’s what usually frequents this space, but please bare with me on this one as it does involve my poetic scribing. Recently I have found myself in the often irritating bubble of joblessness, and am therefore rapidly trying to pick myself back up and move on with my life. However, one shining positive about being jobless, amongst all the obvious negatives, is having more time to devote to other things, such as finding new avenues of work and looking at ways to improve … Continue reading Opportunity! 

Learn To Love.

I crack the earth around me With a simple slight of hand Ready to devour Anyone who takes a stand.   This power is mine and mine alone For with it I have purpose I’m no longer a drone.   For years I strived to get here, For years I had to fight, Howling at a system That had lost its sight.   So now I fly above Howling at the world below And now it has no choice But to listen to my woe.   The land cries with pain as it burns, I cannot stop until this world … Continue reading Learn To Love.

Fighting the Waves

Angered but beautiful The waves they rise A cannon blasting through the world And we can’t calm the tides.   Try’na make your mark You do all that you can, But like a glass you can’t break through They never hear the plan.   You could save the world If you were really tough Calm the tide Stop the slide Before we’ve had enough.   You’ve gotta stay unbeaten You’ve gotta show us how To save us from the darkness You have to act now.   We’re running short of time We’re bleeding out of life Soon we’ll disappear If … Continue reading Fighting the Waves

A Promise Of Spring.

It’s a beautiful night And there’s just enough light To breathe in the natural world around Don’t spoil this silence by making a sound   The dense air of rain The glimmer above A promise of Spring The season of love   The cold winter winds have blustered away All that remains is a season of change..   What will you do with the year ahead? Either set up your goals Or put them to bed Cause you’ve been given a brand new chance Don’t hesitate, let your life advance (Let your life advance)   Only you Know what to … Continue reading A Promise Of Spring.

Battle Scars.

There’s a sayin’ I once heard But at first never believed.. ‘You pain, you gain’ I was told ..Seemed absurd to me.   But as I grew The words rang true Gettin’ clearer year by year And even though My scars still show The pain has disappeared   All that now remains Are the stories left behind Experience to pass on, Stop others being blind.   Cause even though we all go wrong And cry it all away Our suffering will be in vain If life’s left on re-play   There wouldn’t be a right If we never got it … Continue reading Battle Scars.

Don’t Let Life Be In Vain.

Death may come a callin’ And take it all away We can’t stop ’em fallin’ So don’t let it be in vain.   You have to keep a handle On everything you know You have to keep on movin’ Don’t let the curtain close   Cause you’re the only one now Who can make a change Though death may come a callin’ Don’t let it be in vain.   You have to keep the lights on And step into the spot Take your place In this space Continue with the plot   You know that it’s your time now You … Continue reading Don’t Let Life Be In Vain.


Forget the pain, Block out the world, And breath the sky you see.   Slip off the chain, Into a mould, Of possibility!   Here is where we’re starting To see our world anew, Watch us as we’re parting, From habits that you knew.   We are the young We are the change, This world needs today. With us among You will be saved, We’ll form a better way.   But now we’ve come full circle, Forgot to save ourselves, Fired the tanks, Got into ranks, Dust gathered on the shelves.   From the moment that you cried, A heart … Continue reading Forgetting.